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Simply Put: Save the Date

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You said, “YES” and your “I DO” date is set. Of course your loved ones (aka parents and bff) are in the loop, but what about the rest of your guests? Is it really necessary to give everyone some heads up so soon?

Save The Dates are not always necessary, but they sure do come in handy! It’s a simple reminder that “Hey, Hey! We’re getting married so pencil us in!” Not to mention, it provides a considerate, personal touch while making a big difference in the planning process.

It may take a bit more work and some extra expense but think about it? By creating Save The Dates early in the planning process, you just may have tackled a daunting task that will save you lots of time in the long run.

So our professional advice? Absolutely consider sending Save The Dates, especially if you come across any of the following:

Wedding Destinations
Whether it’s getting married in Hawaii, Europe or cross country in your home town, it’s  great to let guests know in advance when (and if possible where) your big day is.

Any time a wedding date falls on a long holiday weekend or “The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year,” it’s a no brainer to let guests know asap.

“Mucho” Out of Town Guests
If you have an instinct that the majority of your guests will have to fly in from a far, Save The Dates are definitely a good idea for travel, hotel and rental accommodations.

School Schedules
Think of those close to you. Are they in college? Families juggling littles? Be considerate and give your student guests a heads up, that way they can possibly rearrange some test days and/or plan to excuse themselves from class to have fun with you.

Prime Wedding Season
Did it ever occur that maybe, just maybe your closest guest has another wedding to attend the same day? Oh yeah, it happens! Giving some heads up way prior helps guests make decisions easier on how to celebrate with you.

Simply Concerned
If the thought of waiting to announce your date via invitation is nerve racking, then yes absolutely send out Save The Dates! We don’t want you disappointed when a guest mistakenly planned something else right on your wedding day. Sending out Save The Dates will most definitely set your mind at ease and make the wedding planning process much more enjoyable.

Save the Date photo by: FaithintoArt

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