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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Keith Watson an Event Design Company or an Event Planning Company?
A: We offer both services! An Event Planner specializes in the logistics of your day and helps manage the flow of your guests and/or wedding party. They track budget, negotiate contracts and manage timelines…the “how, where, when” of your day. An Event Designer, focuses on the “pretty” of your event. They coordinate the visual aspects and decorative elements, including linens, lighting, rentals, draping, etc., to ensure choices that make an impact.
Q: Are you a florist?
A: That’s one of our specialties! We have an experienced floral design team that can create anything imaginable.
Q: How do the flowers I choose affect my budget?
A: Keeping an open mind about flower substitutions is a great way to control your costs. We can suggest gorgeous flower varieties to achieve a look you will love! You can let us know what your priorities are, and substituting a few of the more expensive blooms for a few less expensive, high impact blooms can help fill out your arrangements while keeping your costs down and resulting in gorgeous arrangements.

Certain flower types are great budget friendly options all year long as they are not seasonal and are readily available. Other blooms, such as peonies, dahlias, ranunculus, anemones, etc. have specific growing seasons. To acquire these blooms out of season they must be imported.
The higher demand and lower availability of these blooms, plus international shipping rates, can result in higher costs.

Q: Can I hire you just to do the florals?
A: Absolutely. Please contact us for more information.
Q: Can I hire you just for rentals?
A: Rentals are only included with our full design services. We love creating full, cohesive looks and take great pride in the unique rentals we offer.
Q: What color lighting should I use? How many candles do I need? What color linens will look best with my flowers? Do I have enough room for a lounge area?
A: If these questions keep you up at night . . . we get it!  Your floral designs and decor can be a significant portion of your budget, and are quite possibly the biggest visual element of your event.  Our event designers know what will look best with your floral designs.  Whether it’s linens, candles, lighting or furniture, we can suggest elements that will enhance your table designs.  Our knowledge and experience allows us to answer these questions for you and help you make selections that will ensure you get the most out of your investment.
Q: I'm planning a destination event. Do you travel?
A: Yes! Let us know where you’re headed, what you want us to do, and we’ll propose a complete travel and service package.
Q: Can you work within my budget?
A: Our rates vary based on scope of work. We want to work with you! That’s why we offer flexible choices ranging from a-la carte pricing to complete planning and design services. Contact us and we’ll develop a proposal specific to your requirements and budget.
Q: What kind of written agreement is signed?
A: Once you have met with your event planner or designer and have decided to work with the professional staff at Keith Watson, a customized contract is drafted. It is important for the contract to be one of the first documents discussed and signed in order to highlight a clear goal of what is to be expected and accomplished.
Q: How much does a consultation cost?
A: Consultations are free! Just call or email us to make an appointment.
Q: How much time will I spend with you during the consultation?
A: On average, initial consultations take a little more than an hour. This is our favorite part of the process. We love brainstorming and collaborating with our clients. It’s where the “creative magic” happens! We get a great idea of how you envision your event if you bring inspiration pictures or color swatches.
Q: Will you decorate my home, office, or venue for an upcoming party, holiday, or season?
A: Yes! You’ve done everything else and now the thought of decorating is too much. We can transform your space with your decorations, our decorations, or both! We can arrange break-down services too. Contact us for a quote.