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15 Beach Wedding Factors for Perfect Planning

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Beach weddings are picturesque. The open spaces, the sparkling blue water, the sand and the unencumbered sun sets make for dazzling wedding photos. Beach weddings are memorable. But what will your beach wedding be remembered for?

Beach weddings provide a series of challenges and if you overlook any of them, it could be the difference between that picture perfect wedding you envision and the hot, uncomfortable experience your in-laws may envision.


Rain: This seems obvious but it dictates everything. If it rains on your special day, do you have a backup plan? Always have a alternate location picked out and ready to go.

Wind: Wind can also blow your wedding plans. Winds can be strong on the beach so I hope you don’t end up chasing chairs and flowers around the beach. Plus, winds can affect your audio/visual experience and possibly kick sand all over your guests. If you want great wedding photos and video to show for decades to come, taking the wind into consideration is a must.

Tides: High tide or low tide? It’s nice to know where to set up on the beach so be sure to check the tides at the time of your event, from start to finish. You don’t want your guests floating away.


Location Logistics

 Permits: Does your special place require any permits? Take into consideration the possibility of fees associated with any required permits. Plus, how long in advance will you need to coordinate for your permits? You’ll need to know your lead time so you can secure your spot.

Electricity: If you need electrical outlets for fans, music or anything else that requires a plug then find out if outlets are available. You may be able to run extension cords if the location allows.

Nearby Parking: “These shoes are killing me” is the last thing you want to hear from your guests or your soon to be spouse. Parking close by can make a tremendous difference for you and your guests.

More to think about: Restrooms? Can you rope off an area? Pets allowed? Open flames? Noise restrictions? Is alcohol permitted?


Unwanted Guests

 Beach Goers: If the beach is public, you may have to deal with beach goers. Will they photobomb your perfect moment? Also, the noise of the environment, whether that be traffic or noisy beach football players, can negatively affect your special day. Speak with the location manager to mitigate these distractions.

Bugs: Bugs can annoy you to the point of complete frustration and ruin the experience. How will you deal with bugs? Will open flame bug repellants be allowed and fit with your decor? Find out if bugs will be a problem and find a solution that fits.


There’s a Lot

There are a lot of considerations to take into account for planning the best beach wedding possible. Every location has its own nuances so make sure you do your homework. Know what you want, what you’re willing to go without and pick a location that meets your needs.

If you have a life to live and don’t want to get bogged down in the minutia of planning a beach wedding, then consider living stress-free and hiring a wedding planner. Not only will a wedding planner know exactly what to consider but they will also take a huge burden off you and your spouse.

Have your beach wedding and enjoy it too!


Photo by: Footstone Photography

Venue: Ritz Carlton: Amelia Island

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